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If you want to start a new project I recommend you to download the exact software this site in build with on: Ariadne for Concept Mapping on GitHub).


Deploy the software on an application server on by example Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services and you have your own Concept Mapping service for your entire organization.


Please mail the developer Peter Severens for additional help.


You can uses the software for free and change it as you like, as long as you refer to the original developer.

Ariadne explained

Concept mapping is a statistical technique to unravel difficult constructs like ‘quality of service’, ‘best practices in care’, ‘brand image’ or ‘product proposition’. Expert or client opinions’ are combined to get insight into the common view towards a specific construct as it is seen by the group as a whole.

Concept mapping is a relatively fast and efficient method which combines qualitative and quantitative techniques. It differs from individual or group wise mind mapping sessions by not directly drawing a mind map. The concept map is created by the computer using statistical techniques to combine data of all individual participants.

The software support all languages and characters from that language as long as they are supported by the modern browsers like IE and Chrome.

Ariadne in practice

Minds to One created a web driven tool to support concept mapping, called Ariadne. The web service makes it possible to collectively brainstorm on a theme, to individually perform tasks with the collected statements and to visualize the outcome of that brainstorm in a concept map. Ariadne is used for decades in health care, in service based companies and for marketing and branding. This web version is relatively new but fully operational and already thoroughly used in a lot of sessions.

A typical session consists of:

  • a brainstorm with (experiential) experts
  • individual rating and grouping of statements gathered in the brainstorm
  • group wise annotating of the resulting concept map

Themes thus far explored:

  • care around specific diseases or live stages
  • service quality
  • structuring juridical decisions
  • service content or product propositions
  • professional standards
  • describing brand image

Ariadne the movie

What can we do for you

Minds to One offers you the possibility to autonomously plan and interpret your concept mapping sessions or to get full support in the planning and interpretation of the concept maps. We have 15 fast laptops with a large screen, which facilitates grouping and prioritizing the statements. Check out the possibilities and decide what suits you.

The software is free for unfunded research projects for students. We only ask an excerpt of the project when finished. We will upload the excerpt to the Ariadne website.

We charge €500* for use of the software within funded research projects. PhD projects likely are, just like projects done by the staff of a university or a research institute. For the preparation and assistance during a project, not for the execution of the project itself, we charge €400. If you are an experienced user you will not not need that. You can always mail or call us if you do not understand how the web application works. We are committed to make it self explaining. Until that time we will keep answering questions.

For projects where the precise and orderly execution of the project is part of the outcome, like projects in changing organizations or projects to help implement policies we insist on being part of the execution of the project. A typical project with one brainstorm and 12 participants will cost €1800. With provided widescreen laptops and a room with catering it will be €2600.

Please contact us if your concept mapping sessions do not seem to fit in here, so we can find a solution!

*note that all prizes are excl. taxes


Ariadne is a web driven tool to support concept mapping. The web service makes it possible to collectively brainstorm on a theme, to individually perform tasks with the collected statements and to visualize the outcome of that brainstorm in a concept map. The current version of the software has been extensively tested and is used in several research projects.

Ariadne gives the possibility of different sophisticated visualizations of the concept map, like a tree diagram from 2 up to 20 clusters (1- and 2-dimensional), 1-, 2-, and 3-dimensional concept maps, a cloud concept map and visualization of the direction of the participants' preferences in the map and the statements included in a cluster plus their cluster names.

The costs for the use of Ariadne for one project are €500 (excl. VAT).

Services around the software

You can use our software but we can also help you organizing and executing session.

Below is an overview of the different costs of our services.

Fixed costs

  • Software: €500 per Concept Mapping target group.
  • Use of our wide screen laptops: €900 per session
  • Project preparation and assistance during a project (not the execution itself): €400 per project

Variable costs

    Support during and after the sessions (execution)

    Bronze (€400 per session)

    Technical support during concept mapping groups. During the concept mapping session there will be 1 employee from Minds to One to install the laptops and connect them to the internet, to enter statements from the brainstorm, help participants with their tasks on the laptops and present the first results. For concept maps over internet this is replaced with telephone and email support for organisers as wel as respondens.

    Additional we will support the analyses in the software.

    Silver (€600 per session)

    Additional to the silver interpretation, the employee from Minds to One will support to interpret the concept map by guiding the process of naming clusters and axis.

  • Make cluster list with corresponding statements
  • Help wth naming of clusters
  • Help with naming of axis
  • Help with general interpretation

    Gold (€1200)

    Additional to the gold interpretation, the employee from Minds to One will support the analyzing and reporting.

  • integrate concept maps from several sessions
  • assist with reporting

Full service

    We can organize a complete session for you, inclusive preparation, execution and writing the report. Call us to get a bespoke offer.


    Prices for organisations in Europe that are not VAT eligible and or do not have an arrangement with the tax office to get a return on payed VAT, are leveled up with the VAT we will have to return to the tax office on net deliveries.



You can test the software free for one month.

Just mail to Peter Severens and ask for a trial licence. Please mention your function and the purpose of future use.

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Scientific committee

To encourage the use of Ariadne in scientific research, we composed a scientific committee. The aim of the scientific committee is to inspire and to critically discuss concept mapping topics in order to guarantee quality. Furthermore the scientific committee will be an important source of feedback for developing and enhancing the software. This way, we make sure that the software will follow the wishes and demands of the users. Right now the committee contains two Dutch experts: Udo Nabitz (Arkin) and Nils Duits (NIFP). We are planning on expanding the committee with international experts.

Please contact us if you are interested to participate in the scientific committee.

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